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Barney hasn’t blogged because he’s been recuperating from damage done by that new dog in town. But he was recently spotted hiding out in Slab City.

Upon closer inspection of the damage done, it was clear what brought our little purple friend to the Slabs.

A visit to the Church of Broken Toys was in order.

This pooped Polyfillosaurus rests after a strenuous fourteen foot hike on the Colorado Trail from the Jefferson Pass trailhead.

Rocky Mountain High Barney on Colorado Trail

Ready. Aim. Fire!

Barney at the controls of the decommissioned Atlas-E Missile silo in Weld County, CO.

Barney Controls Weld County Colorado Atlas E Missile Site

Cadillac Barney

A hazy Texas day finds Barney finding himself at Cadillac Ranch.

Purple Barney Cadillac Ranch Texas


After reading Nate Blakeslee’s book about Race, Cocaine, and Corruption in a Small Texas Town, and finding himself in the Texas panhandle, Barney just had to stop by downtown Tulia, for a photo opportunity.

Barney with Tulia book in downtown Tulia, TX

Barney and hondo at LuckenbachDue to circumstances beyond his control, our little purple friend ended up hanging around Luckenbach longer than expected. There’s worse places one could be stuck!

Barney hanging out on the Luckenbach stage

Barney made it back to Luckenbach, and this time we got some pictures!

Barney at the Luckenbach, Texas General Store

Big Bend Barney

Check another national park off the list for Barney at the Rio Grande wild and scenic river preserve in Big Bend, Texas.

Barney at Big Bend National Park

Barney waits all night and sees no mystery lights of Marfa, Texas.

Barney at Marfa Lights Viewing Area

All American Barney is happy to be back in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Barney Crossing Border at US Port of Entry Douglas, AZ

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